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Interesting Links for 31-10-2019

Johnson will be deprived of a majority and there'll be a Remain majority in Parliament if 30% of Remainers vote tactically However, if no tactical voting takes place, he'd win a majority of 44
(tags:voting uk elections europe )
Netflix founder: 'Learn when to get out of the way'
(tags:advice business organisation )
Johnson seems to be having one last attempt at using legal trickery to get us out of the EU
(tags:Europe UK law OhForFucksSake BorisJohnson )
Here's Why Scientists Can't Speak Freely During A British Election, And Why It Matters
(tags:UK censorship politics science )
Election: Remain parties in electoral pact negotiations
(tags:UK Europe politics )
Britain's Court of Chivalry could hear first case in more than 60 years.
(tags:law UK design pubs )
'Game of Thrones' Creators Chose a Weird Time to Confirm They Had No Idea What They Were Doing
(tags:tv gameofthrones writing )
Twitter bans all political advertising
(tags:advertising politics Twitter )
Level up: DeepMind's AlphaStar achieves Grandmaster level in StarCraft II
(tags:AI games )
"Nine Inch Nails - Closer" Vs "Ghostbusters By Ray Parker Jr."
(tags:music remix )
Foie Gras, Served in 1,000 Restaurants in New York City, Is Banned
(tags:food newyork torture animals )
Companies are starting to offer much better parental leave
(tags:parenting jobs benefits )
Why sometimes achieving something 100% is worth the effort
(tags:advice achievement )
Whatever happened to New Atheism?
(tags:atheism society )

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Tags: achievement, advertising, advice, ai, animals, atheism, benefits, borisjohnson, business, censorship, design, elections, europe, food, gameofthrones, games, jobs, law, links, music, newyork, ohforfuckssake, organisation, parenting, politics, pubs, remix, science, society, torture, tv, twitter, uk, voting, writing

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