Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

In the Night Garden meets Point Break

Having watched dozens of episodes of In the Night Garden with Sophia since she fell in love with an Iggle Piggle doll in the supermarket, I've had bits of the nonsense songs the characters dance to going round in my head.
Sometimes they blend with other things, leaving me (in this case) with the vision of bank robbers in Tombliboo costumes singing something like:

Ombliboo Tombliboo
Kick down the door,

Ombliboo Tombliboo
Get down on the floor,

Ombliboo Tombliboo
Hand over the cash,

Ombliboo Tombliboo
Off we must dash!

(If 2000AD haven't had something inspired by the show turn up in Judge Dredd then they're just not trying as hard as they used to.)

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