Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 30-10-2019

Rough estimates of probabilities and why I think we need to go for a GE now.
(tags:elections uk )
The Cost of Light Through the Ages
(tags:light history )
Boris Johnson to abandon general election bill if amendments pass allowing 16-year-olds and EU citizens to vote
(tags:elections UK doom )
How we met: 'I had to send a telegram that read: "Regrets. Advice not taken. Am married"'
(tags:China USA relationships academia )
The Oil Age Is Coming to a Close
(tags:oil technology Jobs thefuture )
How Untitled Goose Game became a real video game
(tags:games birds )
Young people are registering to vote in large numbers
(tags:voting UK age )
UK gender pay gap for full-time workers increases (really interesting breakdown by job title)
(tags:Jobs pay inequality gender )
How humans left their homeland (130,000 years ago)
(tags:prehistory Africa migration humans )
British electoral campaign law is not fit for purpose
(tags:elections law UK OhForFucksSake )
Election 2019: Remainers have one last chance
(tags:UK hope elections Europe )
Portraits of people with their daemons. (His Dark Materials in a week!)
(tags:art fantasy animals portrait )
NUJ challenges 'monumental' BBC gender pay gap (three times the pay for less audience share)
(tags:BBC pay gender inequality )
Would the alternative vote have changed history?
(tags:voting reform )

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Tags: academia, africa, age, animals, art, bbc, birds, china, doom, elections, europe, fantasy, games, gender, history, hope, humans, inequality, jobs, law, light, links, migration, ohforfuckssake, oil, pay, portrait, prehistory, reform, relationships, technology, thefuture, uk, usa, voting

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