Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-10-2019

Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Linked Athletes To Mugshots
(tags:racism faces AI Amazon )
Lib Dems and SNP offer Johnson route to December election
(tags:elections libdem snp UK politics )
Uluru climb closed permanently
(tags:Australia religion mountains )
Hitman hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman who tells police
(tags:murder headline outsourcing )
Government rejects Lib Dem and SNP bid for earlier general election
(tags:UK elections politics libdem snp )
Brexit: Former chancellor Philip Hammond backs bid to keep UK in customs union
(tags:UK europe )
The opening page of H.G. Wells's novelisation of Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds.
(tags:funny musicals novel scifi )
"You could have had Brexit by now if you hadn't been such dicks about it"
(tags:uk europe true )

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Tags: ai, amazon, australia, elections, europe, faces, funny, headline, libdem, links, mountains, murder, musicals, novel, outsourcing, politics, racism, religion, scifi, snp, true, uk

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