Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Election time again

So, it looks very much like we'll be having an election in about six weeks time. In an ideal world we wouldn't do this - we'd have a referendum, knock Brexit on the head and _then_ have an election. But there's no majority for a referendum, there's no extension time for a referendum, so election it is!

It's probably about as good a time for an election as possible, to be honest. The Conservatives will be going into it with the Brexit Party on their flank, draining off a bunch of their votes, and Farage complaining loudly that his deal is Not Brexit. Providing Remainers vote tactically we have a chance at a hung parliament with a Labour/Lib-Dem/SNP/PC alliance as a majority.

Of course, this was the election result I wanted back in 2015, and I didn't get it. Nor in 2017. I shall continue to hope. And if not, and the Conservatives get an actual majority, then Johnson can bring in his Brexit, and take responsibility for everything that happens afterwards.

(I'll be voting SNP, but in a constituency that will probably go Labour, as it's the safest seat in Scotland.)

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