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Interesting Links for 23-10-2019

London Ultra Low Emission Zone cuts toxic air pollution by a third
(tags:London pollution GoodNews )
The replies to this are *perfect*
(tags:society gender funny )
UK to use £1bn meant for green energy to support fracking in Argentina
(tags:uk fracking argentina OhForFucksSake )
How fast fashion hurts the planet through pollution and waste
(tags:fashion clothing waste plastic environment )
PM to pull Brexit bill if timetable not approved
(tags:UK Europe elections )
Simple "Hypocrisy Intervention" Reduces Collective Blaming Of Muslims For Extremism, With Long-Lasting Effects
(tags:psychology bigotry islam )
Dramatically reduced power usage in Firefox 70 on macOS
(tags:Apple Firefox web browser )
Nokia, the hand held console, and Goatse
(tags:design console goatse nokia )
The Eldritch One, Jolene
(tags:Cthulhu music tumblr )
Dazzling Night Sky When the Milky Way Collides with Andromeda in 4B Years
(tags:space thefuture )
Watch amazing drone footage of the Edinburgh St James Centre as it reaches 'one year to go' milestone
(tags:Edinburgh construction architecture video drone )
Sandy Hook father to receive $450,000 from conspiracy theorist
(tags:conspiracy guns murder children )
Blind auditions and gender discrimination
(tags:bias interview research statistics music )
Claim Brexit is about concealing offshore accounts is baseless
(tags:UK Europe tax )
Richard Burgon says Labour will back general election before Christmas if EU grants Brexit delay
(tags:elections uk europe labour )
Decriminalisation: Parliament's health committee finally grasps the need for drug reform
Of course nothing will be done
(tags:drugs UK politics )
Original Irn Bru to relaunch in stores across Scotland
(tags:drink Scotland )

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Tags: apple, architecture, argentina, bias, bigotry, browser, children, clothing, console, conspiracy, construction, cthulhu, design, drink, drone, drugs, edinburgh, elections, environment, europe, fashion, firefox, fracking, funny, gender, goatse, goodnews, guns, interview, islam, labour, links, london, murder, music, nokia, ohforfuckssake, plastic, politics, pollution, psychology, research, scotland, society, space, statistics, tax, thefuture, tumblr, uk, video, waste, web

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