Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I would quite like our cat to not die

Our plans for this weekend rather depended on us getting on a plane on Friday night to Devon, to spend it with my parents.

Sadly, at about 5pm I got a text from Jane telling me that Jim was peeing in random places, and that there was blood in his urine.

The last time he'd done this was when he moved in with me, when the stress of it led to him not peeing for a couple of days, when he then developed a urinary blockage. He then ended up spending three nights in the vets with a catheter in, almost died, but thankfully made it home again, and has been healthy ever since. Urinary blockages are astoundingly serious for male cats, and more common than you'd think.

Until the past week, when we've had decorators in repainting the living room and the stairwell. The latter of which was probably the problem, as it meant he had to be kept in the bedroom so he wouldn't touch the paint. I put the litter tray in with him, but by the looks of things he refused to use it, and got cystitis.

Jane made an appointment with the vet immediately, and I met her there. Thankfully he wasn't blocked yet, so she gave us a bunch of antispasmodics, painkillers, etc. which we have to feed to him twice per day, and we've spent the weekend making him as comfortable as possible.

He's still squatting in random places. There's still blood in his urine. But hopefully he'll pull through.

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