Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 12-10-2019

Government "Get Ready for Brexit" adverts accidentally fund anti-Brexit billboard campaign
(tags:UK Europe funny )
The effect of pollution on crime (10% reduction in particulate matter and ozone would save $1.4Billion in violent crime costs)
(tags:crime pollution violence )
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
(tags:ethiopia peace nobel )
Twitter Analysis: Identifying A Propaganda Bot Network
(tags:propaganda twitter )
The five demands of the people of Hong Kong
(tags:HongKong democracy protests )
Books with Jewish protagonists which aren't set during the Holocaust
(tags:books Jews )
Pro-Remain parties to strike election deal in more than 70 seats
(tags:UK Europe hope elections viaDanielDWilliam )
New map shows where and when Edinburgh's trams will be extended with work set to begin
(tags:Edinburgh trams )
Flora and Birdseye have both ended Mumsnet partnership over spread of anti-trans sentiment
(tags:LGBT transgender mumsnet )
Blizzard reinstates Hong Kong protestor's prize
(tags:games China HongKong )
Hate crime surged during Brexit 'surrender' bill debates in parliament, police reveal
(tags:hate crime UK police politics )
FactCheck: has violent crime doubled under the Conservatives?
(tags:crime UK conservatives )
Why enterprise software is like baby clothing
(tags:software business clothing babies )
Good, detailed, writeup of the latest Brexit negotiations
(tags:UK Europe politics trade )

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