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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-10-2019

Patrick Troughton's Doctor, in colour
(tags:colour history drwho photos )
Not long ago, the center of the Milky Way exploded
(tags:space explosions )
Brexit: Voters turning against no-deal as deadline approaches
(tags:uk europe polls )
A fascinating discussion of how big you can build a building out of wood, and why
(tags:construction materials )
Unilever pledges to halve use of new plastics
(tags:plastic recycling )
Pedestrian detection systems don't work very well
(tags:cars safety fail )
UK already up to £66bn poorer because of Brexit vote
(tags:UK economy doom )
Red tape bill for UK-EU trade under no-deal Brexit set to hit £15bn a year
(tags:bureaucracy UK Europe business Doom )
Animated history map shows the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire.
(tags:history maps visualisation empire )
The last laugh: behind the multimillion-dollar deals to buy old sitcoms
(tags:TV business )
Artificial blood developed for patients of any blood type (so far only tested on rabbits)
(tags:blood )
Whatever Happened to the Tech Bubble?
(tags:Technology business economy )
The 128 chilling words in the Scottish case on the Benn Act
(tags:uk europe law scotland )
Brexit: Ex-Cabinet minister Amber Rudd ready to back second referendum as she attacks 'desperate' Boris Johnson
(tags:uk europe referendum )
Boris Johnson's Brexit plan in tatters as Angela Merkel personally rejects it
(tags:uk europe )
What is the nobile officium?
(tags:law uk scotland )
The storms of Henry Darger - how one man's obsessions led to one of the longest, and strangest books
(tags:books wtf obsession )

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