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Interesting Links for 07-10-2019

20 Years Later, and the Women of Angel Still Deserves More
(tags:Buffy women pregnancy )
The UK government appears boxed in on the Brexit extension
(tags:law uk government europe )
A floating device created to clean up plastic from the ocean is finally doing its job
(tags:plastic ocean environment waste )
Unprecedented rise in infant mortality in England linked to poverty
(tags:England poverty austerity death babies OhForFucksSake )
David Bowie and the invisible mask
(tags:DavidBowie autism confidence )
The Ocean Cleanup struggles to prove it will not harm sea life
(tags:Ocean plastic environment nature )
The British government is interfering with its "independent" advisors
(tags:UK advice government OhForFucksSake )
Westworld: the first film with CGI (and its source code)
(tags:programming movies video cgi )
"Stop Asking About My Trans Husband's Junk"
(tags:penis transgender privacy )
OECD tax reform plans could make inequality worse
(tags:tax reform inequality )
US customs officer holds journalist's passport until he agrees he writes 'propaganda'
(tags:usa immigration OhForFucksSake )
Countering the worst of the current anti trans propaganda
(tags:transgender lgbt )
Book Review: 'The AI Does Not Hate You' by Tom Chivers
(tags:review rationality books geek ai )
The missing millions: Young people and private renters left off electoral register ahead of snap election
(tags:elections voting UK )
What is a constitution and is the UK undergoing a constitutional crisis
(tags:constitution uk politics )
Why Boris Johnson's Brexit offer falls well short of what the EU can accept
(tags:Europe UK Doom )
'World-first' low-carbon greenhouses bigger than the O2 to grow 20 tonnes of tomatoes a day
(tags:farming uk vegetables )

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Tags: advice, ai, austerity, autism, babies, books, buffy, cgi, confidence, constitution, davidbowie, death, doom, elections, england, environment, europe, farming, geek, government, immigration, inequality, law, lgbt, links, movies, nature, ocean, ohforfuckssake, penis, plastic, politics, poverty, pregnancy, privacy, programming, rationality, reform, review, tax, transgender, uk, usa, vegetables, video, voting, waste, women

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