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Interesting Links for 01-10-2019

Brexit: Opposition parties to meet for talks on next steps
(tags:politics uk )
The caretaker prime minister should clearly be Theresa May
(tags:politics UK Europe funny )
Looks like Sainsbury are running facial recognition on their CCTV
(tags:faces sainsbury's cctv surveillance )
A third of British 16 to 24-year-olds don't drink
(tags:alcohol uk )
AI can now be used to really ruin your hiring process
(tags:jobs AI OhForFucksSake )
Opposition parties ditch SNP plan for no-confidence vote in the Government this week
(tags:politics UK Europe )
Chuka Umunna explains the Lib Dem position on votes of no confidence
(tags:politics libdem )
No, the brothers Grimm version of Cinderella is not the original
(tags:fairytale history )
UK proposes customs checks on either side of Irish border in bid to break Brexit deadlock (it won't)
(tags:UK ireland Europe Doom )
How The Queen can sack a prime minister who refuses to resign
(tags:viaDanielDWilliam politics Queen law uk )
More than 40% of white Harvard admits are "ALDC": athletes, legacy, Dean's interest (donors' kids), or children of faculty
(tags:university USA bias )
Nazis get *nothing*. Do not give up a single inch to them.
(tags:Nazis culture )
Oxford professor's children refused visas to join her in UK
(tags:UK immigration OhForFucksSake academia )
300K people are reading books on the Instagram
(tags:reading photos )
EU brings in 'right to repair' rules for appliances
(tags:Europe Technology regulation )
Johnson is getting very good at covering up bad news by reusing the search terms
(tags:language politics BorisJohnson google )
Virtual reality PTSD treatment has big impact for veterans
(tags:ptsd VirtualReality )
U.S. Judges Admit Enhanced Interrogation Is Torture
(tags:torture usa )
Huge CJEU ruling - pre-ticked checkboxes don't allow companies to use cookies. Active consent is needed.
(tags:cookies privacy europe )
We should talk about game difficulty differently
(tags:games design )
New law to expand scope of civil partnerships in Scotland to opposite sex couples
(tags:Scotland relationships law )

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