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Interesting Links for 28-09-2019

Why are people accepting Cummings' narrative that he public is angry at Parliament? If anything, polling suggests the public is angry at the government
(tags:uk europe polls )
SNP hints at backing short-term Corbyn government
(tags:uk politics )
Transplanting poop can be beneficial—swapping vaginal fluids may be even better
(tags:vagina microbiome )
Sony & Marvel Strike Deal for Third Spider-Man Film
(tags:movies marvel Sony spiderman )
'Both sides' niceties neutralise anti-abuse campaign
(tags:abuse politics uk )
Moore's Law graphed vs real CPUs & GPUs 1965 - 2019
(tags:video cpu history visualisation )
Orders of/in Council are in the news. Meet James Stephen and Spencer Perceval, the playboy and the evangelist, the oddest political friends ever.And the chaps who worked out how to ban slavery without Parliament approval. It would cost one of them his lif
(tags:slavery politics history UK viaDanielDWilliam )
FTL travel in scifi, an examination of methods
(tags:scifi funny satire )
I really really want to see this TV series
(tags:TV comic relationships superheroes )
Trump's pee tape: analyzing an incredibly convincing fake.
(tags:urine fraud hotel politics wtf video )
Boris Johnson referred to police watchdog over links with American businesswoman
(tags:UK corruption BorisJohnson )
Whoever thought of the business plan "automated relationship propaganda" is a genius
(tags:advertising propaganda relationships wtf )
Trump supporting Marvel Exec Ike Perlmutter Tried to Block Black Panther, Captain Marvel Movies
(tags:movies marvel OhForFucksSake )
Dogs in Action (some amazing photos)
(tags:dogs photos )
If any school does this to my daughter I will raise hell
(tags:school apps toilets OhForFucksSake )
How economists took over the world (and broke it)
(tags:economics history )

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