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Interesting Links for 25-09-2019

We are witnessing something profound: the deep, system-level functioning of liberal democracy in response to an out-of-control executive.
(tags:politics uk law )
Lady Hale's best brooches
(tags:law design jewelry )
Edgar Wright shares photos from behind the scenes of Spaced (one of my all time favourite TV shows)
(tags:TV photos )
Tories increase borrowing by 28% as possible election looms
(tags:Conservatives economy uk politics )
The Moderate Middle Is A Myth
(tags:demographics voting )
FactCheck: supreme court ruling on prorogation explained
(tags:Parliament law )
Trump Ukraine row: Democrats launch formal Trump impeachment inquiry
(tags:politics USA )
Promising new hard disk technology.
(tags:hardware harddrive viaFanf )
Bolivia's Powerful Cholitas Luchadora Wrestlers
(tags:Bolivia Wrestling women photos video viaElfy )
Voters back Supreme Court decision, think Johnson should resign
(tags:BorisJohnson polls law politics uk )

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Tags: bolivia, borisjohnson, conservatives, demographics, design, economy, harddrive, hardware, jewelry, law, links, parliament, photos, politics, polls, tv, uk, usa, viaelfy, viafanf, video, voting, women, wrestling

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