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Interesting Links for 24-09-2019

Why do polling companies disagree over the size of the Conservative lead?
(tags:UK polling politics )
On the use and misuse of the word "Sapiosexual"
(tags:language sexuality asexual lgbt )
Cannabis-based drug for childhood epilepsy approved for use in Europe
(tags:medicine cannabis children )
Apparently terrible philosophers make terrible husbands
(tags:relationships philosophy OhForFucksSake )
Labour's approach to democracy is... not convincing
(tags:Labour politics democracy Europe uk )
Labour's attitude towards democracy is... not inspiring at all
(tags:Labour democracy UK Europe politics )
Even Huge Molecules Follow the Quantum World's Bizarre Rules
(tags:quantum physics )
What's to blame for Thomas Cook's collapse? Mostly its debt
(tags:travel business epicfail )
Summer-born children 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression than older pupils (still quite low, thankfully)
(tags:children age school mentalhealth depression )
Quantum Computational Supremacy has been achieved! (here's what that means)
(tags:quantum computers Google faq )
RelativelyRisky - converting relative risks into absolute ones
(tags:Risk statistics )
Google wins case to keep right to be forgotten EU only
(tags:google memory censorship europe )
Six months from now, the government will cut off healthcare for 180,000 British people living in Europe
(tags:healthcare europe uk OhForFucksSake )
Labour conference are refusing to even debate their freedom of movement bill
(tags:migration Labour OhForFucksSake )
Leave.EU boss Arron Banks cleared after probe into Brexit referendum campaign loans
(tags:uk politics law europe )
More than a third of UK bank branches have closed since 2015
(tags:uk banks )
Huge blow for Boris Johnson as Supreme Court rules Parliament shutdown was unlawful
(tags:UK law politics parliament GoodNews )

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