Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-09-2019

Hunger leads people to make short-term decisions rather than long-term ones
(tags:hunger psychology )
We can't recreate medieval paint without medieval urine
(tags:history urine painting )
RNLI donations surge after Tories criticise them for saving children's lives
(tags:children Ocean life charity GoodNews )
Pennywise the Clown: D&D bad guy
(tags:dungeonsanddragons roleplaying stephen_king movies )
Boris Johnson cancels press conference in Luxembourg due to booing crowds
(tags:UK Europe BorisJohnson OhForFucksSake )
The Suicide Squad cast looks good!
(tags:movies dc )
Hungarian minister grilled by EU about threats to rule of law
(tags:hungary Europe rights law )
Summarising the prorogation case at the Supreme Court and the arguments on both sides
(tags:law politics uk )
How To Cope Under Pressure, According To Psychology
(tags:psychology pressure stress advice )
How do all those shops selling crappy 🇬🇧 souvenirs in London manage to stay profitable?(they probably don't, they're money-launderers)
(tags:money fraud crime uk afghanistan )
Justice Secretary Robert Buckland declining opportunity to rule out Government proroguing Parliament again in October
(tags:conservatives OhForFucksSake politics uk )
New Zealand: Man brings clown to redundancy meeting
(tags:newzealand funny redundancy jobs )

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Tags: advice, afghanistan, borisjohnson, charity, children, conservatives, crime, dc, dungeonsanddragons, europe, fraud, funny, goodnews, history, hungary, hunger, jobs, law, life, links, money, movies, newzealand, ocean, ohforfuckssake, painting, politics, pressure, psychology, redundancy, rights, roleplaying, stephen_king, stress, uk, urine

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