Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-09-2019

Saudi Arabia is shutting down half of its oil production after drone attack
(tags:saudiarabia drone oil terrorism war )
Fare-dodging insurance businesses
(tags:transport insurance economics )
New clues show how Russia's grid hackers aimed for physical destruction
(tags:electricity Ukraine Russia hacking malware )
That's now three Conservatives and three Labour MPs who have moved to the Lib Dems
(tags:politics uk libdem )
Conservative Party have advert removed by Facebook for putting a fake headline on a BBC news story
(tags:conservatives fraud politics advertising Facebook )
Voters would back temporary government of national unity to avoid no deal
(tags:politics uk Europe polls )
Most voters believe government should allow Scotland and Northern Ireland to decide on UK membership after Brexit
(tags:UK NorthernIreland Scotland independence polls )

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Tags: advertising, conservatives, drone, economics, electricity, europe, facebook, fraud, hacking, independence, insurance, libdem, links, malware, northernireland, oil, politics, polls, russia, saudiarabia, scotland, terrorism, transport, uk, ukraine, war

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