Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 12-09-2019

If Computers Are So Smart, How Come They Can't Read?
(tags:knowledge ai Technology reading )
The Iconic Electric Eel Is Actually Three Species (None of which are eels)
(tags:electricity fish )
Do psychedelics relax your belief system?
(tags:belief psychedelics lsd )
Those with autism make good social psychologists
(tags:autism psychology )
Our political system is to blame for what's happening in Parliament
(tags:politics uk )
New Edinburgh children's hospital delayed until autumn next year
(tags:hospital conference Edinburgh fail )
Brexit Disaster Capitalism: £8 Billion Bet on No Deal Crash-Out by Boris Johnson's Leave Backers
(tags:UK Europe finance OhForFucksSake )
In-game spending should be regulated by gambling laws and so-called loot boxes banned entirely for children, MPs say.
(tags:games money children uk )
Lots Of People Going Around With Mild Hallucinations All The Time
(tags:hallucinations perception psychology psychedelics )
Poll: 51% of Northern Ireland voters back united Ireland
(tags:NorthernIreland polls ireland )
José Vs. Joe: Who Gets A Job?
(tags:names jobs video racism )
Boris Johnson denies lying to the Queen over suspension of parliament (I _totally_ believe him)
(tags:BorisJohnson lies queen )

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Tags: ai, autism, belief, borisjohnson, children, conference, edinburgh, electricity, europe, fail, finance, fish, games, hallucinations, hospital, ireland, jobs, knowledge, lies, links, lsd, money, names, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, perception, politics, polls, psychedelics, psychology, queen, racism, reading, technology, uk, video

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