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Interesting Links for 10-09-2019

Beware, gentle reader, for gazing within this cursed property has freed me from the bonds of sanity and set my mind to the very depths of the abyss
(tags:wtf horror housing )
Deplatforming works
(tags:internet politics business )
The UK's National Grid presents five future energy scenarios
(tags:thefuture electricty uk viaDanielDWilliam )
Only one in five voters back PM's demand for general election before Brexit deadline
(tags:UK elections )
Dinosaur extinction: Asteroid hit with force of 10 billion atomic bombs and deposited 'hundreds of feet' of material in hours, new research says
(tags:asteroids dinosaurs extinction )
How to Chair an Academic Committee
(tags:academia organisation funny ViaDrCross )
Bercow resignation: He was the right man in the right place at the right time
(tags:politics history uk parliament )
Johnson confirms to Commons that he will break the law.
(tags:politics law Conservatives BorisJohnson uk europe )
EU puts Ireland's commissioner who called Boris Johnson 'unelected' in charge of negotiating trade deals (including with Britain, if it leaves)
(tags:uk europe trade ireland )

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Tags: academia, asteroids, borisjohnson, business, conservatives, dinosaurs, elections, electricty, europe, extinction, funny, history, horror, housing, internet, ireland, law, links, organisation, parliament, politics, thefuture, trade, uk, viadanieldwilliam, viadrcross, wtf

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