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Interesting Links for 08-09-2019

A story about 1,000 baby praying mantises.
(tags:insects viaFJM )
Ukraine and Russia exchange prisoners in landmark deal
(tags:Ukraine russia )
Lib Dems: Why is the party's LGBT+ group angry?
(tags:LGBT libdem politics uk )
GRRM on the Hugo Losers Party
(tags:GeorgeRRMartin party conventions scifi )
What if the Prime Minister deliberately broke the law over extending Article 50?
(tags:law UK Europe politics )
What happened with Stephen Kinnock's amendment, and what does it mean?
(tags:uk law politics europe )
MPs checked with EU chiefs over Brexit delay before passing bill
(tags:UK Europe )
Boris Johnson has chosen the 'left behind' towns he wants to help (and most of them are Tory marginals)
(tags:corruption election Conservatives )
Canada's view: British politics today is what results from the collision of an unstoppable force, an immovable object and a clown car.
(tags:UK Europe Doom Canada )
There are large gender differences in how men and women experience opposite-sex friendships
(tags:gender friendship psychology attraction )
Gender-neutral bathrooms can save women from waiting forever in line
(tags:toilets gender )
Will Brexit Affect Your Prescriptions? (Can anyone explain to me why it's already affecting some drugs?)
Explanation from a friend:
3 factors so far:

(1) Supplier stockpiling = less for immediate demand.
(2) Some drugs now supplied to pharmacies on monthly quota. No backfill if exceeded.
(3)Suppliers agree set price over fixed term with NHS. Value of £ dropping = selling at loss so, some drugs diverted to other markets.

(tags:medicine UK Europe doom )

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