Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-09-2019

Average speed cameras may be put on 25 Edinburgh roads
(tags:speed driving Edinburgh Scotland safety )
Thousands in UK born as result of extreme inbreeding (about 0.025%)
(tags:incest uk )
Giving People Simple "Moral Nudges" Encourages Them To Donate Much More To Charity
(tags:morality psychology charity money )
Active learning works best, even though students don't feel that way
(tags:education psychology )
How parliament works in the UK (the bit about the Queen's rabbit made me giggle a lot)
(tags:parliament UK satire )
Mental-health information sold to advertisers by websites
(tags:Web mentalhealth advertising )
Want your brain trained? Play Portal 2
(tags:learning psychology puzzle games portal )
40% of Americans think society should be burned to the ground to start over again
(tags:society usa )
Why phones that secretly listen to us are a myth
(tags:surveillance phones advertising )
Green-fingered couple devastated as new Fountainbridge curved glass office block will ruin their garden
(tags:Edinburgh light gardens OhForFucksSake viaSwampers )
Ex-Muslims of North America debuts billboards in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston
(tags:USA religion Islam society )

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Tags: advertising, charity, driving, edinburgh, education, games, gardens, incest, islam, learning, light, links, mentalhealth, money, morality, ohforfuckssake, parliament, phones, portal, psychology, puzzle, religion, safety, satire, scotland, society, speed, surveillance, uk, usa, viaswampers, web

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