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Interesting Links for 03-09-2019

What do the EU think about the current UK approach to Brexit?
(tags:UK Europe politics )
Parents say religious worship is least appropriate activity for school assemblies
(tags:religion school uk )
Islamophobic incidents rose 375% after Boris Johnson compared Muslim women to 'letterboxes'
(tags:islam racism uk Conservatives BorisJohnson OhForFucksSake )
Boris Johnson is completely deluded about the EU
(tags:Europe UK Doom wtf )
The Simpsons dubbed with Half-Life SFX
(tags:games Simpsons video weird )
In which a final ship arrives from the Grey Havens
(tags:lotr comics )
Emperor's New Clothes - A brilliant spoof of Kickstarters for board games
(tags:games satire kickstarter funny viaDanielDWilliam )
Teenager ends up with severe eye damage (enough to be registered blind) from living off crisps and chips.
What annoys me here is that there's clearly a sensory issue going on, but nobody seems to be trying to help them work through this. Just "Eat some veg". People don't restrict their diet this much because they like crisps a lot. They do it because the texture of anything else makes them feel awful.
(tags:food sight OhForFucksSake )
How did pole vaulting even get invented?
(tags:sports slowmotion video )
Labour set to block snap general election over fears of a Boris Johnson no-deal Brexit trick
(tags:UK Europe elections politics )
Scottish elections could move to every five years
(tags:elections scotland )

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