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Interesting Links for 02-09-2019

The truth about science fiction
(tags:scifi writing funny comic )
Seeking Good Het or Poly Romantic Films
(tags:romance movies recommendation )
Republicans continue to roll back the rules put in place after the last financial crash
(tags:economics regulation republicans )
They're not all called 'haka' — the differences between Pacific war dances
(tags:viaLilysea pacific dance )
A threat to cut family tax benefits for Australians who did not vaccinate their children has resulted in an increase of 174,000 children being immunised over the last year.
(tags:australia money vaccination )
Mortal Engines: A baffling movie marketing case study
(tags:movies marketing design fantasy )
"Why I turned down exclusivity deal from the Epic Store"
(tags:games business )
What really happened in the UK blackouts?
(tags:electricity fail analysis UK viaFanf )
Cannabis is 12,600 times stronger than it was in the 50s
(tags:marijuana propaganda drugs usa funny )
Rebel Tory MPs told they will be deselected if they vote to block no-deal Brexit
(tags:UK Europe politics Doom conservatives )
Fast and Furious 9: Full list of all 52 Edinburgh road closures for filming in September
(tags:movies Edinburgh transport )
Why the only real artistic failure is to not make something
(tags:art success )
When the Australian military lost the war against the emus
(tags:Australia war failure )
Mat Dan: 'I became an accidental celebrity 6,000 miles from home'
(tags:celebrity Malaysia )
Scientists find drought-resistance gene that could help barley survive climate change
(tags:globalwarming farming genetics agriculture alcohol )
You'll be as shocked as I am to learn that all alternatives to the Irish backstop are unworkable.
(tags:NorthernIreland UK Europe ireland borders )
Ceramics enter a new era with laser-welded joints
(tags:materials ceramic )
Brexit: Boris Johnson wants to lose to rebels as excuse to purge moderate Conservatives and stage a snap election
(tags:uk europe politics Conservatives )
Drug death capital: What will it take for politicians to admit the need for decriminalisation?
(tags:uk drugs OhForFucksSake )

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