Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-08-2019

Why doesn't mathematics collapse down, even though humans quite often make mistakes in their proofs?
(tags:mathematics errors )
Dutch take cycling to a new level, with world's biggest bike park
(tags:bicycles netherlands )
On the Economics of Renumeration in Womens' Soccer in the USA
(tags:football sports women money economics )
The no-deal threat: What happens when the problems interact?
(tags:uk europe doom )
If software is annoyingly slow people don't use it. That could kill someone
(tags:healthcare emergency software design time ux )
Children make people happier - but only once they've left home
(tags:happiness children )
Ion Fury Studio Apologizes For Developers' 'Sexist And Transphobic' Comments, Will Patch Out Offensive Jokes And Make Charity Donation
(tags:games LGBT women )
How to support a friend with an anxiety disorder
(tags:anxiety mentalhealth advice support )
National Grid blames lightning strike for blackout (and running with insufficient backup capacity)
(tags:electricity uk lightning )

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Tags: advice, anxiety, bicycles, children, design, doom, economics, electricity, emergency, errors, europe, football, games, happiness, healthcare, lgbt, lightning, links, mathematics, mentalhealth, money, netherlands, software, sports, support, time, uk, ux, women

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