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Interesting Links for 14-08-2019

How white boys are being recruited by the alt right
(tags:propaganda fascism boys internet )
Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile blows up, creating "mini-Chernobyl"
(tags:nuclearweapons russia OhForFucksSake )
There are multiple methods remaining to avoid a No Deal Brexit
(tags:uk europe doom politics )
This person's drone battery running out is the epic blockbuster movie of the year.
(tags:drone batteries video viaSwampers )
Solar-plus-storage is undermining the economics of existing coal-fired generation
(tags:solarpower batteries coal renewables GoodNews )
The women who were too cool to get laid
(tags:sex women men OhForFucksSake viaTheFerrett )
Danish bank launches world's first negative interest rate mortgage
(tags:Denmark mortgages wtf economics )
Epstein's Death Was On 4Chan Before Officials Announced It — And Authorities Had To Look Into It
(tags:4chan suicide leaks prison )
FactCheck: No evidence for government's plastic straw claims
(tags:plastic UK myths environment )
Making Peppa Pig terrifying with the power of makeup
(tags:makeup pigs children TV video terrifying )
Reminder that The Last Jedi is a well-received, commercially-successful, critically-acclaimed Star Wars movie and that a small collection of extremely vocal accounts solely devoted to telling you otherwise doesn't change that fact.
(tags:StarWars )
First ads banned for contravening UK gender stereotyping rules
(tags:gender stereotypes uk advertising censorship )
Investment managers don't understand how to rate funds managed by black people
(tags:race racism investment usa )
Major breach found in biometrics system used by banks, UK police and defence firms (Plain-text passwords, and full fingerprints all leaked)
(tags:biometrics security epicfail )
Psytrance Guide (I am always fascinated at how many subgenres people can identify within a given field of music, or indeed any art, sport, craft, or other field of endeavour)
(tags:music guide )
(tags:names germany class )

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