Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-08-2019

Could a government of national unity stop a no-deal Brexit? (no, and we don't need one)
(tags:politics uk )
What's the current consensus on food and diets?
(tags:psychology hunger food diet leptin )
No, plastic bag sales aren't down 90%
(tags:plastic shopping )
Men less likely to recycle because they are worried people will think they're gay
(tags:society environment stereotypes lgbt )
Amsterdam study of transgender people finds less than 1% regret surgery
(tags:lgbt transgender )
Personal statements do not predict performance at university. They should be dropped.
(tags:university )
Annoyed by loud music, man uses drone to hit neighbors with fireworks
(tags:fireworks music video noise drone assault )
Behold: the greatest scene in all of cinematic history
(tags:movies video amazing india )

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Tags: amazing, assault, diet, drone, environment, fireworks, food, hunger, india, leptin, lgbt, links, movies, music, noise, plastic, politics, psychology, shopping, society, stereotypes, transgender, uk, university, video

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