Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-08-2019

Supercentenarians are concentrated into regions with no birth certificates
(tags:fraud age )
Recursive language and modern imagination were acquired simultaneously 70,000 years ago
(tags:language psychology prehistory genetics brain humans )
Where to Download the Millions of Free eBooks that Secretly Entered the Public Domain
(tags:books copyright USA )
Nutrient deficiencies in rice grown under higher carbon dioxide could elevate health risks for tens of millions
(tags:co2 rice food nutrition )
John McDonnell: Labour would not block another Scottish independence referendum
(tags:Labour Scotland independence )
The Looser a State's Gun Laws, the More Mass Shootings It Has
Shocking, I know
(tags:guns regulation usa )
Labour will not join national unity government to block no-deal Brexit
(tags:UK politics labour )
Broadcast TV (including catch-up) viewing still dominates streaming
(tags:TV UK streaming broadcasting )
Work in the UK is no less secure than it was 20 years ago
(tags:Jobs UK )

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