Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-07-2019

Famous dance scenes from movies with the wrong music. (favourites are Saturday Night Fever Vs Metallica and Flashdance Vs Bon Jovi
(tags:music video movies dancing viaSwampers )
I did not realise you could dissolve an infinite amount of candyfloss in water
(tags:video chemistry fun )
Can *you* throw like a girl?
(tags:video women sports )
If MPs no-confidence the government then it will be forced to seek an Article 50 extension
(tags:politics law uk europe hope )
Improved seam carving with forward energy
(tags:images photoshop computing )
New York governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuana use
(tags:marijuana decriminalization newyork )
How the EU sees the withdrawal agreement, and why they hate the backstop
(tags:uk europe trade )
Would you give up your best friends in search of the truth? Neither would flat earthers
(tags:belief community internet )
'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Tries to Sell Interviews with Shooting Survivors
(tags:guns Death business )
New trains run on Glasgow to Edinburgh route for first time
(tags:trains Edinburgh glasgow transport Scotland )
Anti trans bigots have been compiling lists of trans people and harassing them. Thankfully this is illegal on multiple counts
(tags:harassment LGBT transgender privacy viaSwampers )
A fascinating, detailed look at what it takes for fans to translate an ancient console game in to English
(tags:translation japan games nintendo )

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Tags: belief, business, chemistry, community, computing, dancing, death, decriminalization, edinburgh, europe, fun, games, glasgow, guns, harassment, hope, images, internet, japan, law, lgbt, links, marijuana, movies, music, newyork, nintendo, photoshop, politics, privacy, scotland, sports, trade, trains, transgender, translation, transport, uk, viaswampers, video, women

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