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Interesting Links for 21-07-2019

The boy was dying. Zebrafish helped save his life (introducing the same mutation into them and then trying various drugs to see which one worked)
(tags:fish genetics disease )
How the airplane Black Box was invented
In his mid-twenties, David Warren had a remarkably good idea. That was when his battle began
(tags:airplanes history Technology )
44 Of The Most Interesting Comparison Images (Barcelona and Berlin are my favourites)
(tags:comparison viajoexnz )
"I Am Against Identity Politics, By Which I Mean I Am In Favor of White Identity Politics"
(tags:politics minorities viaJennieRigg )
How Transphobes Try To Control And Undermine Trans Men
(tags:LGBT men transgender bigotry )
British Airways Flights to Cairo Cancelled For The Next Week
(tags:airplanes terrorism Egypt )
EU officials don't relish the idea of no deal - but they are prepared to play hardball
(tags:UK europe Doom )
Half of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Be Streaming on Disney+
(tags:marvel TV movies thefuture )
In British PM race, a former Russian arms tycoon wields influence
(tags:Russia UK politics europe )
Bill Sienkiewicz speaks about Big Numbers #3
(tags:comics alanmoore art history )
Tesco raises prices on 1,000 products
(tags:UK Europe currency supermarkets money )

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