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Interesting Links for 18-07-2019

I'd never heard of "Paris Syndrome" before. (Fascinating, but rare - Japanese people so shocked to discover that it's different to the movies they fail to cope)
(tags:japan france reality movies Paris mentalhealth )
Modeling the Mythical Man-Month (or: The ideal number of people in a team is about 3)
(tags:teams efficiency productivity )
Psychologists are studying polyamory
(tags:psychology polyamory relationships )
Human presence alone has lethal effect on large predators
(tags:humans predator behaviour animals wildlife )
Isn't Everyone On The Spectrum?
(tags:autism society )
Explaining Japan's 99.9% Conviction Rate
(tags:law japan )
Autistic Spectroscopy: Exploring what the "spectrum" means
(tags:autism )
How does OpenStreetMap keep track of where your home is when the continents won't hold still?
(tags:OpenStreetMap maps data earth time )
Trial By Trolley - a social game of philosophical conundrums
(tags:morality games kickstarter )
Live Action Warhammer 40,000 TV Show 'Eisenhorn' Announced
(tags:Warhammer tv )
Gorillas have humanlike social structure
(tags:gorillas social behaviour )
The Glorious, Profitable, Inescapable Art of Addiction (in games)
(tags:games addiction design )
Scottish town named top cruise ship destination in Western Europe
(tags:Scotland ocean holidays tourism )
No Deal Brexit forecast to lead to a £30 billion a year hit to the public finances per year, according to the first official projection from the Government's independent budgetary watchdog - the OBR
(tags:europe uk doom )
An interview with Margaret Hamilton: The woman whose programming helped us land on the moon
(tags:NASA space programming women history )
The lesson from the ruins of Notre Dame: don't rely on billionaires
(tags:charity wealth France fraud viaSwampers )

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Tags: addiction, animals, autism, behaviour, charity, data, design, doom, earth, efficiency, europe, france, fraud, games, gorillas, history, holidays, humans, japan, kickstarter, law, links, maps, mentalhealth, morality, movies, nasa, ocean, openstreetmap, paris, polyamory, predator, productivity, programming, psychology, reality, relationships, scotland, social, society, space, teams, time, tourism, tv, uk, viaswampers, warhammer, wealth, wildlife, women

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