Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-07-2019

Cookies - what does 'good' look like?
(tags:privacy consent web cookies uk europe )
Likely next EU chief says she wants to end member states' veto on foreign policy
(tags:europe thefuture )
Scottish wildcat kittens born in captivity
(tags:cute kittens cats video )
The Sea Wolves of Canada
(tags:canada wolves ocean )
Taika Waititi to Direct 'Thor 4'
(tags:thor marvel movies )
Lessons from testing decades of forgotten rape kits: serial rapists are common, they don't follow a pattern, they're not very bright, and they're often the same men who commit acquaintance rape
(tags:rape usa behaviour )
Someone managed to use 27 London buses in one hour
(tags:buses London time )
10 Labour MPs Ready To Back No-Deal Rather Than No Brexit At All
(tags:Labour UK Europe OhForFucksSake )
Screen time has, basically, no effect on wellbeing
(tags:computers happiness mentalhealth )
Keep Your Eye on the HBAL—Tracking Project Loon Balloons
(tags:internet google balloon )
Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew. This is how it was saved.
(tags:fire Paris france religion architecture )

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Tags: architecture, balloon, behaviour, buses, canada, cats, computers, consent, cookies, cute, europe, fire, france, google, happiness, internet, kittens, labour, links, london, marvel, mentalhealth, movies, ocean, ohforfuckssake, paris, privacy, rape, religion, thefuture, thor, time, uk, usa, video, web, wolves

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