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Interesting Links for 04-07-2019

The Withdrawal Act 2018 locks in the definition of 'hard border'. I can foresee a fight over this.
(tags:borders NorthernIreland UK law europe )
"The time I tried to ruin Halo 2"
(tags:games ux design research opinion )
What makes a good voting system?
(tags:voting )
With obese patients, too often doctors can't see past weight
(tags:weight society viaFJM healthcare )
US diplomats telling people that the president's view isn't official policy
(tags:USA diplomacy japan )
Android Engineers take you on a deep dive of Android Q
(tags:Android phones linux )
Ever noticed that girls can like boy things, but boys aren't allowed to like girl things?
(tags:gender society )
Ocean floor five times bigger than UK set to be industrially mined
(tags:Ocean mining )
30,000 followers makes you an Internet "celebrity," says UK ad regulator
(tags:advertising celebrity UK internet )
Conservative Party members being investigated for Islamophobia can vote for the next prime minister
(tags:conservatives Islam bigotry )
Five reasons why Cancer Research UK's obesity campaign is flawed
(tags:obesity cancer UK society viaFJM )
Brexit Party lodges official complaint after all EU commission jobs given to Europe-loving foreigners
(tags:UK Europe satire funny )
The problems with a bridge from Northern Ireland to Scotland
(tags:bridge NorthernIreland scotland )
What is the female stress response and why is it interesting?
(tags:stress women hormones psychology )

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Tags: advertising, android, bigotry, borders, bridge, cancer, celebrity, conservatives, design, diplomacy, europe, funny, games, gender, healthcare, hormones, internet, islam, japan, law, links, linux, mining, northernireland, obesity, ocean, opinion, phones, psychology, research, satire, scotland, society, stress, uk, usa, ux, viafjm, voting, weight, women

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