Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-07-2019

An astrobiologist tries cooking in Antarctica at -70ºC.
(tags:viaFanf antarctic cooking temperature )
I Don't Think a Woman is Electable In 2020 Because Last Time Around the Female Nominee Only Got Three Million More Votes Than Her Opponent
(tags:politics USA women satire )
Your eyes are the key to distracted driving, not your brain
(tags:driving sight )
The Cannabis Debate: Brits think UK should follow Canada and make drug legal
(tags:UK marijuana legalisation )
Liberals are rising up to oppose 'populists' like Putin, Trump and Farage
(tags:liberal libdem politics )
Straws: UK government to bring in new controls on plastic
(tags:UK plastic )
All the ways in which flag-fetishist "patriots" are actually disrespecting the symbol they claim to venerate.
(tags:flags usa )
Sean Bean finally gets the role he was born for
(tags:yorkshire tea advertising )

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Tags: advertising, antarctic, cooking, driving, flags, legalisation, libdem, liberal, links, marijuana, plastic, politics, satire, sight, tea, temperature, uk, usa, viafanf, women, yorkshire

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