Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-06-2019

EVE Online is in chaos after an unprecedented alien invasion
(tags:aliens games EveOnline )
Ancient discoveries unearthed in Edinburgh
(tags:Edinburgh archeology )
Can anyone explain to me why this isn't an actual job?
(tags:work tourism Edinburgh ship )
Mobile phone users can soon switch network with just one text
(tags:phones regulation UK )
Temperatures in France cross 45°C threshold for first time since records began
(tags:France globalwarming )
Flying more than twice as damaging to climate than previously thought
(tags:flying airplanes transport globalwarming )
Jeremy Corbyn may lead to a Lib Dem victory
(tags:UK Europe libdem labour politics )
Putin comes clean
(tags:Russia fascism )
The EU and South American economic bloc Mercosur have agreed a huge trade deal after 20 years of negotiations.
(tags:Europe SouthAmerica trade )
Ancient palace revealed after drought drains water from Iraq reservoir
(tags:Iraq archeology )
Spike in Autism May Be Linked to Preservative in Processed Foods
(tags:autism food )

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Tags: airplanes, aliens, archeology, autism, edinburgh, europe, eveonline, fascism, flying, food, france, games, globalwarming, iraq, labour, libdem, links, phones, politics, regulation, russia, ship, southamerica, tourism, trade, transport, uk, work

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