Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-06-2019

10 Discworld Quotes To Get You Through The Next Few Years 
(tags:terrypratchett quotes society )
The Lightyear One is a solar-powered car with an eye-watering price
(tags:cars solarpower )
German Locals Purchase Town's Entire Beer Supply Ahead of Far-right Music Festival
(tags:alcohol nazis germany )
People will intervene if they see someone being beaten up (90% of the time)
(tags:violence behaviour psychology )
The World's Most Annoying Man Is Steven Pinker
(tags:StevenPinker argument society ViaDrCross )
Good Omens: helping gay people come to terms with leaving their church
(tags:religion neilgaiman terrypratchett christianity gay lgbt tv )
Jeremy Corbyn's close aides will accept no-deal Brexit and 'don't give a toss' about Labour members' views, says Margaret Beckett
(tags:Labour UK europe )

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Tags: alcohol, argument, behaviour, cars, christianity, europe, gay, germany, labour, lgbt, links, nazis, neilgaiman, psychology, quotes, religion, society, solarpower, stevenpinker, terrypratchett, tv, uk, viadrcross, violence

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