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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 21-06-2019

"Remain" is more acceptable than either "No Deal" or any kind of softer Brexit. Just about.
(tags:uk europe polls )
When Chinese students were given the uncensored internet
(tags:China censorship internet psychology news viaSwampers )
Scottish transgender reforms put on hold
(tags:LGBT transgender OhForFucksSake scotland )
British politics summed up in a GIF
(tags:politics UK funny )
Lothian Bus bosses make buggy space pledge for new 'superbuses' after row
(tags:transport buses babies disability Scotland edinburgh )
'Clean electricity' will dominate UK power supply by the end of the year
(tags:UK electricity renewables coal nuclearpower viaDanielDWilliam )
Why the age of electric flight is finally upon us
(tags:electricity airplanes Technology )
Eastern European states block bid for EU climate change 2050 decarbonisation target
(tags:globalwarming europe doom )
Decades-long surveys suggest that smoking changes your personality
(tags:smoking personality )
Corsica's 'cat-fox': On the trail of what may be a new species
(tags:cats )

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