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Interesting Links for 17-06-2019

What's the Scottish Government proposing for reforming the Gender Recognition process?
(tags:Scotland transgender LGBT )
TERF writer loses lawsuit against Twitter, will remain banned
(tags:transgender Twitter law )
Black dads are the most engaged dads in the USA
(tags:USA fatherhood parenting race )
People eat at least 50k plastic particles a year, study finds
(tags:plastic environment )
Some very old (and staff only) Warhammer kit a friend is selling off
(tags:warhammer )
"I'm £960 out of pocket for trying to help the Met police"
(tags:police money OhForFucksSake )
Does the news reflect what we die from?
(tags:journalism death )
Colorado makes more than $1 billion from pot sales
(tags:marijuana legalisation usa money )
Brexit: UK growth tipped to slow as firms run down stockpiles
(tags:UK Europe growth economy Doom )
How The Incredible Hulk Was Made: Edward Norton, Dueling Cuts & More
(tags:marvel movies )
It's Possible To Fix Misleading Press Releases - Without Harming Their News Value
(tags:psychology news research science )
Samsung's security reminder makes the case for not owning a Samsung smart TV
My current TV isn't smart at all. But last time I looked around it looked like pretty-much all of them were going that way.
(tags:security virus tv )

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