Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-06-2019

Terrible erotica for millennials (the Twister one made me laugh)
(tags:funny erotica writing sex bad )
Radiohead Fans vs. Black-Market Sellers: How the OK Computer Tapes were leaked
(tags:music radiohead )
Most Comprehensive Review To Date Finds The Average Person's Reading Speed Is Slower Than Previously Thought (240 wpm rather than 300)
(tags:reading speed )
Confirmation that politics and discussion shows tell their guests to fight
(tags:argument tv OhForFucksSake radio politics Doom )
When the World's Most Famous Mystery Writer Vanished
(tags:mysteries authors relationships history )
Boris Johnson is heading for Downing Street, but he'll hate the experience as much as we will
(tags:Conservatives politics uk )
Adults Who Played Pokémon Extensively In Childhood Have A Pokémon-Sensitive Region In Their Visual Cortex
(tags:pokemon vision psychology )
A country of purists: the polling which lays bare the death of any compromise on Brexit
(tags:uk europe doom )

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Tags: argument, authors, bad, conservatives, doom, erotica, europe, funny, history, links, music, mysteries, ohforfuckssake, pokemon, politics, psychology, radio, radiohead, reading, relationships, sex, speed, tv, uk, vision, writing

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