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Interesting Links for 13-06-2019

Brexit: Leaked cabinet note admits UK not ready for no-deal exit on October 31
(tags:UK Europe doom )
A woman decided to start walking down the street like a man. Spoiler: it didn't go well
(tags:women men psychology behaviour walking )
This Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg Tests Facebook's Fake Video Policies
(tags:Facebook fraud video )
No-deal Brexit will be 'commercial suicide', manufacturers tell MPs
(tags:uk business doom europe Conservatives )
Artificial islands in Scotland date back to 3700BC
(tags:Scotland archeology )
The colours associated with the cardinal directions in Chinese, Turkish and Lakota (which is why the Black Sea is black)
(tags:language colour geography )
Radiohead Donates Money to Climate Change Group Instead of Paying Ransom to Hackers
(tags:money theft music radiohead )
A soldier talks about realistic depictions of war in computer games
(tags:games war reality )
The original creator of Men in Black still isn't making royalties from the movie
(tags:movies money fraud )
This badass Edinburgh photo shows two ladies in long dresses and hats rock climbing in the 1900s
(tags:climbing women history scotland )
I had no idea Florence Nightingale was gay!
(tags:history LGBT lesbians )
The Funniest Math Joke is "Base 10"
(tags:numbers funny )
The thirteen countries where being an atheist is punishable by death
(tags:Death atheism )
Lucy told the Crisis team 11 days in a row, that she was suicidal. They didn't believe her & they didn't act to help her. Now she's dead.
(tags:suicide mentalhealth OhForFucksSake )
Christian Right tips to fight transgender rights: separate the T from the LGB
(tags:bigotry conspiracy religion USA )

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Tags: archeology, atheism, behaviour, bigotry, business, climbing, colour, conservatives, conspiracy, death, doom, europe, facebook, fraud, funny, games, geography, history, language, lesbians, lgbt, links, men, mentalhealth, money, movies, music, numbers, ohforfuckssake, psychology, radiohead, reality, religion, scotland, suicide, theft, uk, usa, video, walking, war, women

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