Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 11-06-2019

What came first: my refusal to perform femininity, or the knowledge that I'll never be able to?
(tags:gender society women )
Scottish Power to build vast battery to improve wind energy supply
(tags:batteries electricity UK windpower )
Android now forces apps to include proprietary code for push notifications
(tags:google opensource android )
Huge, unexplained metal mass spotted under the surface of the Moon
I assume it's the engines
(tags:moon )
Cause of polycystic ovary syndrome discovered (in mice, human trials just starting)
(tags:pcos mice )
The US Government's Database Of Traveler Photos Has Been Compromised, US Customs And Border Protection Says
(tags:USA hacking identity OhForFucksSake )
Cineworld's 'revolutionary' ScreenX technology is coming to Edinburgh (looks very silly)
(tags:cinema edinburgh )
Councils admit failure to send out EU postal ballots in time
(tags:Europe elections fail UK )
Possibly the finest food truck idea of all time
(tags:food business funny )
Why legal weed in Britain isn't likely soon
I suspect the best chance comes from other countries moving first and us being swept along with them.
(tags:marijuana uk )
Fertilizer plants emit 100 times more methane than reported
(tags:methane pollution globalwarming )
The Good Omens Miniseries is a Love Story
(tags:TV neilgaiman terrypratchett love relationships lgbt )

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Tags: android, batteries, business, cinema, edinburgh, elections, electricity, europe, fail, food, funny, gender, globalwarming, google, hacking, identity, lgbt, links, love, marijuana, methane, mice, moon, neilgaiman, ohforfuckssake, opensource, pcos, pollution, relationships, society, terrypratchett, tv, uk, usa, windpower, women

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