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Interesting Links for 06-06-2019

Kickstarters can go wrong in a variety of ways. This one really hasn't had a good time
(tags:kickstarter CrowdFunding fail manufacturing austria )
Boris Johnson failing to appeal to floating voters needed to win election
(tags:Conservatives uk doom )
The UK will probably never be as ready for no deal as it was in March
(tags:government uk europe doom CivilService )
Friends, Simpsons & Stranger Things living room, now available at IKEA
(tags:IKEA TV simpsons viaElfy )
Trump's post truth communication techniques cement his supporters' beliefs
(tags:society lies politics usa )
The Weather Forecaster Who Saved D-Day
(tags:weather wwii history uk )
Watch the former head of the WTO, back in 2016, pointing out the damage Brexit is going to do to the UK
(tags:UK Europe Doom trade )
Ann Widdecombe's one-woman show pulled by theatre after gay therapy remark, saying it will not 'provide stage for these vile people'
(tags:LGBT )
A disabled person talks about how they came to support Scottish Independence
(tags:disability Scotland independence )
Glasgow drives huge fall in serious violent crime across Scotland
(tags:crime Scotland violence GoodNews glasgow )
Labour will not win general election unless it backs second Brexit referendum
(tags:UK Europe Labour )
The euthanasia that wasn't
(tags:euthanasia fail journalism Netherlands uk )
California has 6,000 square miles of ladybugs
(tags:insect California )
Heathrow scanners will mean liquids can stay in bags
(tags:airplanes security_theatre Technology )
The Stigma Against Women who Report Sexual Harassment
(tags:harassment OhForFucksSake )
I'm curious how they lost the ability to make good X-Men movies
(tags:movies xmen fail )
The cutting-edge of cutting: How Japanese scissors have evolved
(tags:design Japan )
Robots pretending to be humans pretending to be robots pretending to be humans
(tags:robots humans funny AI turing ViaDrCross )

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Tags: ai, airplanes, austria, california, civilservice, conservatives, crime, crowdfunding, design, disability, doom, europe, euthanasia, fail, funny, glasgow, goodnews, government, harassment, history, humans, ikea, independence, insect, japan, journalism, kickstarter, labour, lgbt, lies, links, manufacturing, movies, netherlands, ohforfuckssake, politics, robots, scotland, security_theatre, simpsons, society, technology, trade, turing, tv, uk, usa, viadrcross, viaelfy, violence, weather, wwii, xmen

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