Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 05-06-2019

The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken
(tags:food usa chicken standards )
Trump UK visit: Sajid Javid is only senior cabinet member not invited to lavish state banquet for president. Can't imagine why!
(tags:racism USA UK politics )
Remain supporters aren't less likely to identify with country or local area - just that they have additional attachment to Europe
(tags:uk europe polls )
Good Omens: Neil Gaiman and creators on adapting the book
(tags:neilgaiman TV terrypratchett scifi )
Should the Lib Dems accept any defecting Change UK members who want to join?
(tags:politics UK libdem )
Lothian Buses boss: Why action is needed to tackle Edinburgh's growing congestion problems
(tags:transport edinburgh )
The strange story of Anneka Rice and the secret agent
(tags:TV business wtf )
Social transmission favours the 'morally good' over the 'merely arousing'
(tags:morality stories psychology memetics )
'Lemoga': Lake District hotel offers yoga with lemurs as partners
(tags:lemurs yoga )
Nuclear: Energy bills used to subsidise submarines
(tags:nuclearpower UK viaDanielDWilliam )
Culture is the secret of humanity's success, and Reason is a massive threat (long, and utterly fascinating)
(tags:society culture anthropology review )

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