Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-06-2019

The Lib Dem Leadership Race: An Update
(tags:libdem )
The European Banking Authority Leaves London
(tags:Banking Europe UK doom )
India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius
(tags:temperature climatechange India heat )
Women in classical art having men explain things to them
(tags:art women conversation )
Jobs are no longer a route out of poverty in the UK
(tags:poverty work uk )
The things we do for love
(tags:ira Ireland love terrorism )
Both right and left should fear the justified rage of Remainers
(tags:UK Europe politics )
Scottish parliament votes in favour of smacking ban
(tags:violence children scotland )
Home Office sending modern slavery victims back to addresses where they were abused
(tags:UK abuse slavery immigration )
The prison inside: Japan's hikikomori lack relationships, not physical spaces
(tags:Japan loneliness relationships society )
The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry
(tags:poetry UK history english )
Trump's UK trade deal: An abusive relationship with a now vulnerable country
(tags:uk usa trade doom )
US demands social media details from visa applicants
(tags:uk usa visa immigration socialnetworking surveillance )

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Tags: abuse, art, banking, children, climatechange, conversation, doom, english, europe, heat, history, immigration, india, ira, ireland, japan, libdem, links, loneliness, love, poetry, politics, poverty, relationships, scotland, slavery, socialnetworking, society, surveillance, temperature, terrorism, trade, uk, usa, violence, visa, women, work

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