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Interesting Links for 31-05-2019

First man in Scotland convicted under new domestic abuse law
(tags:scotland abuse law )
A few questions we could maybe ask the Tory candidates about no-deal
(tags:uk europe doom Conservatives )
Segregated cycle way to be built in Edinburgh city centre (from The Meadows to George Street, via The Mound)
(tags:bicycles edinburgh transport GoodNews )
The WTO Article 24 red herring in less than 400 words.
(tags:trade europe uk doom )
Ireland bans zero hours contracts
(tags:ireland work rights )
The RITB-Warwick-Edinburgh Neoliberal Mental Wellbeing Scale
(tags:mentalhealth satire funny )
Questions for No-Deal Brexiters to answer
(tags:uk europe doom trade )
"What was the best part of realising you are autistic?"
(tags:autism )
A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of 'personality disorder'.
(tags:psychology diagnosis satire )
Some thoughts on party politics
(tags:politics )
If Labour members went public with how they voted at the EU Parliament elections last week the party would have to kick out 41% of them. And the Tories are even worse.
(tags:politics uk )
If the European election voting was repeated at a general election, under FPTP, this is how the results works have turned out
(tags:voting fptp doom UK Europe )
The British Army's Guide For Spotting "Extreme Right Wing" Soldiers Has Leaked Online
(tags:military UK fascism )
The House Probably Has A Pro-Impeachment Majority Right Now (but still probably won't vote for it)
(tags:politics USA )
Malaria mosquitoes wiped out with GM fungus
(tags:genetics fungus malaria mosquito )
Google's AI group moves on from Go, tackles Quake III Arena
(tags:games ai fps )
Latest polling for a Westminster election is... pretty shocking
(tags:polls UK wtf )
YouTube is just fine with homophobic harassment
(tags:YouTube homophobia LGBT harassment )
Looking back on five years of Edinburgh Trams
(tags:Edinburgh trams )
Lib Dems become most popular party closely followed by Brexit Party, YouGov poll suggests
(tags:polls UK politics wtf )
The tiny cute delivery robots that are...actually remote controlled from Colombia
(tags:robots food delivery colombia )
Immigrant stories: The minister's cleaner
(tags:immigration uk OhForFucksSake )
Opinion: Why do rich people lie, cheat and steal more than those on low incomes?
(tags:inequality psychology )
Rare Dreamcast-powered SEGA Fish Life preserved and released by Musée Bolo
(tags:history consoles fish )
Things women weren't allowed to do in the 60s
(tags:history women rights society )

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