Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-05-2019

Will Boris Johnson be prime minister? We ask three witches
(tags:politics funny comic Conservatives )
Six more reasons to hate Theresa May
(tags:immigration UK OhForFucksSake )
LaTeX. How Donald Knuth's 1978 typesetting program became one of the oldest still-active open-source projects and revolutionized technical publishing along the way
(tags:technology design publishing history viaFanf )
My friend Jezz makes some beautiful art
(tags:art )
Stop Boris campaign launched by Tory moderates opposed to no-deal Brexit
(tags:UK Europe conservatives BorisJohnson )
Child homelessness surges by 80% under Conservative-led government
(tags:children homelessness conservatives OhForFucksSake )
These may be the first images of dogs, and they're wearing leashes
(tags:dogs prehistory )
Social Surrogacy : for women whose life doesn't have space for a pregnancy
(tags:women children pregnancy )
Self-Distancing: What It Is and How You Can Use It to Make Better Decisions
(tags:psychology decisions )

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Tags: art, borisjohnson, children, comic, conservatives, decisions, design, dogs, europe, funny, history, homelessness, immigration, links, ohforfuckssake, politics, pregnancy, prehistory, psychology, publishing, technology, uk, viafanf, women

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