Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Health Checkup

Work offered a free health checkup for a bunch of staff, so I took them up on it.

I was worried about fat percentages and cholesterol beforehand, but they were much better than I feared.

Noting them here so I can find them later:

Weight: 88kg (13st 12lb, about a stone higher than I'd like)
Fat %:20.9% (at the higher end of healthy at my age, but not unreasonable - 22 is the start of unhealthy for men aged 40-60)
Visceral Fat Rating: 9 (13 is the start of unhealthy)
BMI: 28 (unhealthy, but the guide was very clear that BMI was pretty rubbish, and that the other factors were much more useful)
Blood Pressure: 121 over 73. Which is just fine. (Unhealthy starts at 140/90)
Blood Glucose: 6 mmol/l (healthy is under 7)
Total Cholesterol: 5.15 mmol/l (unhealthy starts at 5, so this was slightly worrying, except...)
HDL (Good) Cholesterol: 1.42 (over 1 is good)
HDL Ratio: 3.6 (less than 5 is good - and the advisor told me that with a ratio that good I shouldn't worry about the total being a little high)

And as I don't smoke, hardly drink, and have to avoid sugar - apparently my general health levels are pretty good. I'd like to lose some weight, but overall I'm happy that things aren't a lot worse!

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