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Interesting Links for 21-05-2019

Lloyds to create 500 jobs at new tech hub in Edinburgh
(tags:Edinburgh finance technology jobs )
Queen Elizabeth said 'future of Britain lies in EU', declassified German diplomatic records show
(tags:queen uk europe history germany )
The Tories have forgotten their pro-EU voters. And they'll pay for it
(tags:europe Conservatives )
Taking Tiny Breaks Is Key To Learning New Skills
(tags:psychology learning )
Posh people really do think they're better than others
(tags:class society psychology )
Braveheart sequel tops Edinburgh film festival
(tags:scotland history movies festival edinburgh )
Inequality is spiraling because our democracy is broken
(tags:democracy inequality uk viaDanielDWilliam )
Secret policy allowing government to sidestep its own rules on torture to be reviewed urgently
(tags:torture uk OhForFucksSake )
Americans! Here is a list of your nearest pro choice protests!
(tags:abortion protests )
How to do hard things
(tags:advice )
What percentage of all global fossil fuel COâ‚‚ emissions since 1751 have occurred in my lifetime?
(tags:co2 history )
Campaign Finishes Three-Year Run Without DM
(tags:roleplaying gameofthrones funny viaSwampers )
This nicely sums up my feelings on the end of Game Of Thrones
(tags:gameofthrones review )
Brexit and Trade: An Interviewer's Reference Guide
(tags:trade europe uk )
Game of Thrones: what happened next
(tags:gameofthrones funny )
Just in case you're interested, this is what the European parliament actually does
(tags:europe politics )
Trans people's access to treatment in the UK is the very opposite of "Too Quick"
(tags:transgender NHS healthcare UK )

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