Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-05-2019

How the UK allocates EU election seats
(tags:uk europe voting video )
The sign language translation of Iceland's Eurovision entry is great fun
(tags:sign video music eurovision )
The Vader/Kenobi duel, reimagined
(tags:StarWars fanfic video )
If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? Turns out it's just chance
(tags:inequality luck success )
Old People Are More Conservative Because the Poor Die Young
(tags:age inequality politics )
In the hairdressers nobody can tell if your baby is a dog
(tags:dogs babies funny )
He voted for Trump. Now he and his wife raise their son from opposite sides of the border
It's leopards all the way down
(tags:immigration usa marriage OhForFucksSake karma )
Which of the Eurovision entries are British people actually listening to?
(tags:music eurovision )
A collection of peer reviewed research on transgender issues
(tags:lgbt transgender research )
The most terrible behaviour people have witnessed at an academic conference (note the gender divide)
(tags:abuse conference academia )
What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion
(tags:abortion history Romania )
Reference and shot comparison for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
(tags:animation video spiderman marvel )
Letting go to give yourself space to let the pictures grow
(tags:autism comic )
'They Were Conned': How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers
(tags:OhForFucksSake loans taxi newyork usa )

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Tags: abortion, abuse, academia, age, animation, autism, babies, comic, conference, dogs, europe, eurovision, fanfic, funny, history, immigration, inequality, karma, lgbt, links, loans, luck, marriage, marvel, music, newyork, ohforfuckssake, politics, research, romania, sign, spiderman, starwars, success, taxi, transgender, uk, usa, video, voting

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