Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-05-2019

CellCube to bring grid scale vanadium battery to South Australia
(tags:batteries viaDanielDWilliam australia )
LGBT harassment at work is widespread
(tags:UK harassment work lgbt )
Black, Hot 'Superionic' Ice May Be Nature's Most Common Form of Water
(tags:water space )
If Labour backed a second referendum its vote snare would go up 10%
(tags:voting labour UK europe referendum )
Conservative Party would split over No Deal Brexit
(tags:UK europe Conservatives )
Former Conservative Deputy PM Michael Heseltine will be voting Lib Dem for first time ever
(tags:politics uk europe Conservatives libdem weird )
Many Of The Brexit Party's Twitter Followers Aren't Behaving Like Genuine People
(tags:twitter fraud politics uk europe )
World Of Warcraft Classic's "not bug" list is delightful
(tags:games history bug WorldOfWarcraft )

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Tags: australia, batteries, bug, conservatives, europe, fraud, games, harassment, history, labour, lgbt, libdem, links, politics, referendum, space, twitter, uk, viadanieldwilliam, voting, water, weird, work, worldofwarcraft

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