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Interesting Links for 17-05-2019

Fundamental design principles for non-designers
(tags:design advice )
The old Edinburgh police station that became a very odd Armenian restaurant
(tags:edinburgh restaurant history )
Kids Are More Motivated To "Do Science" Than "Be A Scientist"
(tags:science children )
Joy is Avengers fans imagining the other 14 million Endgame endings Doctor Strange saw
(tags:marvel fanfic )
The 3.5% rule: a threshold of success for non-violent protest.
(tags:protests violence peace viaFanf )
Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain
(tags:food weight diet )
How Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is like a Rembrandt painting (minor spoilers)
(tags:Godzilla art movies design )
Things you learn as a librarian
(tags:librarian libraries )
Lib Dems now beating Labour in MEP polling.
(tags:polls europe )
The polls are clear - Labour's Brexit tactics are failing spectacularly
(tags:labour UK europe epicfail )
6 Angry Reactions to the Casting of Michael Keaton as Batman
(tags:batman movies acting actors fandom )
This is what a toxic friendship is like
(tags:friendship toxic )
The Customs Union and the Single Market - what do they really mean?
(tags:UK europe trade )
Smart, Qualified People Behind The Scenes Keeping America Safe: 'We Don't Exist'
(tags:satire government competency )
Brexit talks between Tories and Labour collapse
(tags:UK europe )

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