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Interesting Links for 09-05-2019 - Voting Strategy for the 2019 EU Elections
(tags:europe elections uk voting )
Tactical Voting in the UK in the EU Elections 2019 - Why is it so difficult?
(tags:elections europe voting advice )
Britain goes week without coal power for first time since Industrial Revolution
(tags:coal globalwarming uk electricity GoodNews )
Edinburgh University's response to the climate emergency
(tags:edinburgh university globalwarming )
Scotland's bottle return scheme deposit to be set at 20p
(tags:scotland money plastic glass environment )
New Scottish rail timetables to ease commuter misery
(tags:Scotland trains transport )
New Type of Dementia Identified
(tags:dementia alzheimers brain age )
HBO drops first teaser for its upcoming Watchmen series
(tags:tv watchmen )
'Avengers: Endgame': The Screenwriters Answer Every Question You Might Have
(tags:movies writing marvel )
Conversations I can look forward to having with my daughter
(tags:parenting children comic funny )
BBC staff during independence referendum thought "that our responsibility was to produce a series of pieces to demonstrate how foolish it would be to vote Yes"
(tags:Scotland bbc independence bias )
The Muslim who saved the (Marvel) Universe
(tags:marvel Islam movies )
??200m fund to replace unsafe cladding in wake of Grenfell Tower fire
(tags:UK safety fire housing )
The bears and the dogs are in cahoots!
(tags:bears dogs )
Tactical voting advice for the European elections. (backed up by polling)
(tags:UK europe voting advice )
Work on the Edinburgh tram extension to begin this month
(tags:edinburgh trams transport )
Facebook Algorithms Make It Harder to Catch Extremists
(tags:socialmedia facebook WarCrimes )
The Brexit party is a post-politics entity
(tags:uk europe politics )

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